Doing a complete strip down of the Tritium for the first time

It is very easy to mar the chrome on your Grex when using serated tools

When you strip the Grex please not the following:

1. Place a paper towel over or some other suitable material over the slider spring casing and if using a serrated lock wrench (vice-grip) align the teeth with groves of the slider casing (Part 13) and gently apply pressure. This only need be done once. After that use a flat adjustable spanner to tighten. I firmly finger tighten this part. Id does not need more than that. The first time you strip the TGi this is particularly tight because of the factory assembly.

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Almost the last word in choosing an airbrushes

 I’ve entitled this piece “almost the last word in choosing an airbrush.” The reason for this is that someone, or quite a few who read this are going to have a lot to say about this article. Choosing an airbrush is a personal thing. What works for one person may not work for another. However, there are some basic rules that should be considered when you buy an airbrush together with some basic science.

I’m a modeller! I use my airbrushes on a daily basis. I’ve tried most of the airbrushes out there and I would like to believe that I have a good understanding about the pitfalls and the pain when buying an airbrush. I have been there and done that. I spend a lot of time talking to modellers from various backgrounds and at different skill levels.

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Grex Genesis. XGi – Review by Mish

Airbrush review

The Genesis.XGi is the gravity fed version of the two latest airbrushes that showcase highlight Grex’s  continuing airbrush innovation. With this airbrush, they focused on ergonomics and adaptability. The design element is the ergonomic hand grip set that provides improved comfort and handling. It is specifically engineered for maximum adaptability by using the already wide selection of accessories available from Grex.
The first thing you will notice on opening the box are the bright (Grex) green, ergonomic finger grip and ‘trigger’ button cover. Once you pick up the airbrush, and believe me you will want to pick it up, it just falls naturally into your hand.
In the box you get:
  • Three paint cups; 2ml (1/20 oz.), 7ml (1/4 oz.), 15ml (1/2 oz.)*
  • Two nozzle tips
  • Hose connector
  • Nozzle spanner
*Each paint cup has a lid to help prevent spills
First impressions are; apart from the sheer quality that all Grex airbrushes exude, is of chunky and easy to hold airbrush. The shape of the ergonomic grip lends itself perfectly to the shape of your hand and it is immediately obvious the intended way to hold the airbrush.

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Grex TritiumTG3 Airbrush – Review by Mish’s Models

Dual Action Pistol Style Airbrush

Part of the Tritium Series, premium line of double action pistol style airbrushes, the TG combines ease-of-use, comfort, superior detail control and the versatility of using the perfect top gravity cup size for your project. Coupled with several unique and patented features, this airbrush truly is a Grex.